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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Blogger goes to Court Monday afternoon at 2:00pm!!!!!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow Charles, will be thinking of you and your struggles going forward. Something you surely didn't ask for, I can only imagine the heartache, of such brutal treatment by the powers that be, that are suppose to be their to protect you, not ABUSE you. I'm sorry you were treated this way and I'm overly angry with the police and all those involved who have grossly harrassed you to the point of abusive bullying, and there is NO turning back. The police ABUSE is over the top here. My opinion ONLY.
    PLEASE BE PREPARED to let them know, what you think of their system should they not allow this POLICE ABUSE CASE to go forward.

    Should the judge throw out your case?, if you get the chance to reply?
    be prepared to tell the judge, her/him the truth of their *BS Just-Us System*

    Don't have a lawyer Charles? not surprised, and here is why.

    Canada's Top Judge.

    Supreme Court of Canada, Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin asked, "Do we have adequate access to justice?"

    Judge McLachlin said, "It seems to me that the answer is, no. We have a wonderful justice for corporations and for the wealthy. But the middle-class and the poor may not be able to access our justice system." (Source: Globe & Mail )

    The first woman to hold the job, she has led the country’s top court for nearly 17 years, longer than any other chief justice in Canadian history.

    June 12, 2017 - Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin retiring from Supreme Court.

    Charles, you mentioned in your video clip, it would cost you $50.00 per police officer or those you may want to speak to in court, thus being a 'blatant violation of your Charter Rights & Freedoms to be equally represented, such as the police and their 'lawyers'. But of course, you don't have the finances or the tax payers monies such as the police have, to pay for a lawyer or pay for fees the court wants, inwhich the police have unlimited financial resources for a lawyer, thanks to the tax payers of Canada. It's so unfair, it's a mockery of Justice.

    And if the judge does not allow this, Let them know, the retiring judge's words proves Canada's Just Us System is only for the wealthy and corporations and those who have unlimited funds for a lawyer, police.

    Stay calm Charles, you did nothing wrong.

    If the police were of any worth, they would apologize to you Charles.
    What they did is wrong.

  2. I listened to this a second time Charles, my blood pressure has sky rocketed, cause it brings up triggers, of how angry I was when the two officers attacked you on the street in the middle of the day. Yah, those top cops with high positions. WOW.

    I'm going to stop, cause I know I'll say something I shouldn't say, I'm soooooooooooooooooooo upset over this, and it's not even me having to appear in court.

    Stop police brutality.