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Sunday, 15 April 2018

CBC Program Maritime Connection gets a call from Blogger about Body Cameras by Fredericton Police!!!


  1. Hi Charles, police are being forced to wear body cams because there are a couple of them, as you already know, has man-handled a lot of the homeless\less fortunate\uneducated in F'ton. Gary Blundell,Rossell and myself,to name a few. We wake up the next morning after being in the drunk tag with two black eyes.SGt.Randy Rally punch out one of these corrupt cop,lost his job but he stood up for us because we were too drunk to even remember what happen the night before. There are only a handful of corrupt cops out there even here in C'ton. My door was busted in so many time bc my music too loud and drag to the drunk tag.
    You live in a nice apt, get drunk and don't see or know how the rest of us had to put up with bc we had no safe place to drink.Get an apt,right,wrong bc we live at the shack nobody will rent to us. I got a place bc I moved back to C'ton and I am not look down at as just a Winno like in F`ton.
    When Gary and Rossell and many other were alive few wanted to even be seen with us. I don't want to seem rude but now you got him on a padistill like he was Royalty. Him and Rossell must be having a good laugh at that. Too bad people couldn't show him at least half the respect when he was alive. He also always wore his helmet when he drove his bike, not for the Rat Patrol but to protect himself. I know bc he was my Buddy.
    You should get your fact straight before blogging it. Just like Danny say he work for free to help people like Gary and glad a lot of people like him, that matter most to him.
    Charles when you are blogging you got to listen and think about what the person say. Check out the blog you did with Danny the lawyer,you will see what I mean.
    I tried talking to you once at Scott Marshall`s place But You don't let me talk,you assumed you knew what I was going to say. Never Assume bc it make you look like you got a big chip on your shoulder and stupid too. Rewatch your blogs and maybe you will learn to let the other person speak too.

  2. Hi Charles, want to help you, message you but lost my wifi and it got with Bernard Richard about social policy renewal

  3. He will explain how u can give a voice to the people. I have to write fast and send it quick before get cut off

  4. Ask the public what services they get from civil servants and what can be done to improve it.what do they need and want to improve their lives