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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Young girl almost killed on Walking Bridge tonight! Description must be political Correct???

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  1. I read on facebook, the absolute bullshit this self-righteous dame spouted. Now she can take her political correctness, ass-kissin' and all this other crap that's got the world totally screwed, and SHOVE IT UP HER ARSE!!!! It don't matter a rats ass whether you're Black, White, Native, Hyspanic, Asian, European, Middle-Eastern, Scandinavian, Australian, English, French, Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, Agnostic, Athiest or anything else, if you want to be a dork, fine and dandy, it damn well should be reported that way. Let the consequences speak for themselves. And if they can't handle that, TOO DAMN BAD, SMARTIN' TA HELL UP AND QUIT BEIN' AN ASSHOLE!!!! The pussyfooters and bleeding-heart attitudes in this country have gotta get off the dope and wake up. And if your little facebook friend don't like livin' here, then let her go ta hell over and try livin' in Siberia. A little taste of tyranny would do her a helluva world of good.