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Friday, 31 March 2017

Notorious Pedophile Karl Toft is debated by Lawyer Danny Watters and Blogger!!!


  1. You forgot to mention to Danny that he can blow it out his arse.

  2. Good interview Charles.

    Danny is good and he seems to have a good heart. May he understand who made the universe

    Did you pick up on a detail - the government did not want Karl to tell them the names. Official wanted the case closed before the police investigated the pedophile ring. Karl took the fall for the group.

    The pedophile ring in fredericton are worried. Their plan against you did not work. Your getting close to breaking a pedophile ring in your town.

    I will send you a few names who might be in the pedophile ring.

  3. They're both a couple of communist dorks anyway, so who gives a shit. Probably red liberal shitheads.