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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Blogger gives his views on the decision of Court of Queen's Bench Justice Paulette Garnett!

I wish we had true Journalists that would investigate issues. The Judge wants me to pay court cost.. < good luck with that one >..but seriously....How much money have the Lawyers made from the Taxpayers to pursue this case? < Trust me it's not over yet >

Must be well over $100,000!!!!

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  1. Well my man you are on the tip of an iceberg. You have NO idea what you are on to.

    Pedophile ring want it HUSH HUSH but someone made a few mistakes and now it is starting to leak.

    Why was Fitch voted for another term when she was one of the worse police officer. So many good men police officer for Chief of police & yet counselors select her. Why? Well logically any raid on a pedophile sessions would be nice to be warned in advance.

    Hint for investigation: Who voted to have Fitch as Police Chief? Who supports her? How high in political leadership does this go.

    Which judges support the harassment upon you a citizens and a good one.

    My man you saved $5,000,000.00 per year alone in pension increase for taxpayer.

    Awarding the City is approving 10 years of harassment on a citizens. This is like being in communist China.

    My man you are bringing out a lot of corruption.

    Here is a video link that talks about how deep PIZZA Pedophile goes. You my man are on the NB mother load of Pedophilia. All those against you would be a suspect. I mean everyone

    From the video one leader who I like may also be involved.