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Monday, 13 March 2017

Blogger Charles LeBlanc and Andre Faust debate his Civil Court Case that was held this morning!!!!

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  1. you two are so lost in space its almost unbelievable. q for the hobbit - are you sure that's tobacco you're smoking? chuckie - im pretty sure your lease says no smoking. do you want to get evicted now to make people feel sorry for your sorry ass? you are stuck in a time warp - you idiots think you can walk into court and expect them to fill in the gaps, chuckie, you have made no progress and you have learned nothing - arrogance doesnt win an action and you always make excuses but you just cant be bothered preparing. whenever you go to court, however many days weeks, months or years you have to prepare you are never ready and you always blame others - get your mind right, the problem is you, we all know the cops are rotten and you have all the evidence but youre too lazy to make the effort to do the job right.