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Friday, 25 May 2018

Miramichi Valley High School and Miramichi Police should apologizes to Native from Burnt Church First Nation for falsely labeling him as a school Shooter!!!!!

Student bullies Native in Miramichi Valley High School. Bully is suspended but continues Bullying on Social Media and Miramichi Police arrest Native for suspected School shooter!!!! Racism??? You tell moi??? P.S. I am sending to a note to the Minister of Education next week....We might have a second Denis Landry in this sad case??? School officials and Police should apologize to the kid!!!!

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  1. It is a sad sign of the times when the police arrest a person based on an unfounded complaint. I wonder if they would have acted so quickly if the person was non-Native. I am sure they would have checked the complaint mire thoroughly. But just because the person is Native they throw him in jail right away. There should be a charge of filing a false complaint to make sure that person can no longer abuse the power of the law again!