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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Blogger almost got killed at the 2018 Fredericton Marathon!!!!!

Yesterday morning I was asked - Are you going at the Fredericton Marathon? < the guy remembered I took some nice shots years ago >..for me these to promote the City of Fredericton are long gone since they ordered my Blog shut down. < Didn't appreciate what I was doing > Anyway....I answered - Why would I want to see a Bunch of Snobs jogging with their nose in the Air????....I decided to do a video...I put a orange cone < as I did a few years ago > and had two for pictures and the other for video....I was 100% wrong!!!! THANK GOD THE SNOBS DIDN'T HAVE THEIR NOSE IN THE AIR!!!!....It was VERY scary...NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! Enjoy......

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