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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Brian Gallant Government MLA's are asked about the firing of Dr. Eilish Cleary!!!!


  1. "'s a human resource development..." Wow, the Liberals are still LYING about this being a case of Dr. Cleary doing something wrong.

    The Liberals first lied during the month of November that she was on leave because there was a complaint against her, and then they ended up firing Dr. Cleary WITHOUT CAUSE, giving a new reason that they wanted someone with a different skillset.

    Dr. Cleary needs to be reinstated.

  2. Charles:
    thank the Goddess we have you. Two Libertal governments that are liars, and more than honest people can stand. If you have complaints, make sure you copy your complaints to the Trudeau government. They will not like this..

  3. It is unbelievable that the N.B.Liberals think they are better than the NB Cons. Some of us are ready to think so.