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Monday, 2 July 2018

Soleman at King's Place to soon re-open!!!!

Here's an old Blog -

Everyone is still in shock....I was surprise the store was open....Peter's friend and worker David was there to call customers to tell them the bad News.

It sure is different not noticing Peter behind the counter working or listening to youtubes on the internet.

Everything is left intact just the way People had it when he close up his store last Friday.

I remember Peter used to collect the free McDonald's cafe coupon and would give them to someone in need.

People are walking by with tears in their eyes and saying - I'm going to miss the Good Morning I had from Peter on a daily basis....

I had MANY debates on MANY different issues with Peter. I will keep these debates to myself but there's one issue I will say and it's the manner humans act. < especially Snobs >

People who runs businesses have to deal with them EVERY single day.

He would tell me some funny stories < especially people calling in via phone >...but I did see an episode right in front of my very eyes this morning.

This woman walked in for her shoes.

The grieving employee gave her her shoes.

She replied - How much?

He really didn't know so he raise his arms in the air and said - 10 Bucks!!!

She replied - Peter would have never charged me $10.00!!!

He shot back by saying keep your money. I am in no mood in debating the price of a repair shoe!!!

She left the money on the counter and suddenly change into a concern attitude..Ohhhh Was Peter sick? How's the Family??? Etc...etc ..etc....


I just had to bite my tongue < still hurts >

People are VERY strange even during a time of mourning.

But Peter was the type who would give breaks to anyone who he feels was going thought a difficult time.

That's the way he was....just a nice guy....:)

Peter used to sharpen skates but he stop that practice because people were just too fussy.

It's sure going to be difficult not seeing Peter sitting down on his old seat.

He will be truly miss by MANY people.

Here's some pictures from this morning < thanks to David for allowing me to take these pics >...:)

As I said in a video last night....he was one of the deepest sympathy to his Family and Friends.....

UPDATE - Peter's son Patrick showed up around noon and it looked like a funeral home all day...hundreds of people stopped by the Store to share their anguish over Peter's death....:(

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