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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Politicians should NOT be on Social Media when Legislature or City Hall is in session!!!!

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  1. Charles, she was talking about liver cancer, and that there is no screening process available for it at this time. Also men have double the chance of getting it than women. As you know, I was in the public gallery, and I listened to her presentation. I too was totally disgusted by most (and I'm being generous here) of the Councillors' "perceived" inattentive behaviour. And they call themselves representatives of the people? If you are going to spend a whole 35 minutes at a meeting every two weeks, than the least that you can do is listen. … As a sidebar, about proper decorum as per the posted rules, you didn't take your hat off when you entered the gallery of the meeting chamber. I don't believe that it could be justified by falling under the exception of "ceremonial dress", but this is only my interpretation. … I'm just pointing this out because I wouldn't want you to be throw out for breaking one of their rules, while performing a valuable public service. ...