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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Should Canadians be concern????


  1. The cat "Trumps" a "DICKHEAD" any day, Charlie, any "DICKHEAD" knows that. But, just as the U.S. of A. elected Donnie Nimblenuts, we, here in the Great White North, elected Pussy Cat Justin to lull us to sleep. In much the same way as the maple leafs do. GMM says "SENS FOREVER", "LEAFS, NEVER"!!!! Now smoke that in your put and pipe all you fat ass, self important mouthy welfare bums. GO SUCK BANANAS. BRING BACK DA NORDS!!!!!! BRING BACK DA NORDS!!!!!!

  2. YAA YAA YAA BLOWING steam again, Donald Trump is going too fix all the problems NO wish washing get too the point do what needs too be, get the plains in the air, Boats in the ocean , USA going too fix that ass over in North Cora and make him really think before that ass gets his TOYS IN THE AIR. As "MR TRUMP" SAID if think the United States is going to sit back you will pay dearly and pay a dearly price we will not back down . If u would take the time to watch all this unfold yaa might understand yaa DOPPPP get with it get with the times get out of the dame closet .. Go LEAFS GO don't need to explain this is self explanatory Just site back with your sluuurrrppp Yaa will get it.